SA-200L Large Strip-All

Grab A Top-Slide & See How Simple It Is
To Pull Cables Over The Ceiling Grid!  

  • Finally a low cost product that saves time & aggravation while pulling cables over plenums 
  • Just snap a Top-Slide on a suspended ceiling tee at the beginning of a cable run and then place another at the end of the run. 
  • With two Top-Slides in place, pulling any type of cable is a cinch, even armored cable with kinks! 
  • Use additional Top-Slides on long runs to make the job even easier. 
  • The Top-Slide spells the end of damaged ceiling tees and best of all one man can do the job instead of two! 
  • Easily snaps on and off ceiling tees, made of high visibility yellow so you won't forget to take to the Top-Slide to your next job!
  • Sold in packages of two, MSRP $22.95

"Makes Your Job Easier!"

Another Labor Saving Device From Seatek!

TS-190 Brochure

TS-190 Brochure