SW-130 Swing-Saw

SA-200L Large Strip-All

Makes Square Cuts!

An innovative solution to a tough problem: how to saw square by hand without even looking. The Swing-Saw meets this challenge head on! Thousands of applications in automotive, aviation, boating, camping, construction, plumbing and electrical installations.

  • Cut Faster!  This labor saving hand tool is a clever combination of a vise and a miniature hacksaw. The top lever is moved back and forth as the body of the Swing-Saw is squeezed and the unique gripping vise clamps the part on both sides. Maximum vise opening is 1-1/2".
  • Unlike a conventional hacksaw and vise, the Swing-Saw has a six to one leverage advantage, providing strong cutting action. Using the Swing-Saw insures a perfectly square cut every time!
  • You can start a cut exactly where you want, no more skidding all over the part with a hack saw blade or jumping out of a cut already started. Best of all cut or nicked fingers are a thing of the past! 
  • Cutting in close quarters is a particularly easy task due to the built-in adjustable vise feature. 

Cut All These Shapes & More!

  • CUT ALMOST ANYTHING! EVEN SQUARE TUBING! The Swing-Saw is not limited to the cutting of tubing. As a matter of fact, metal or plastic extrusions, shelving tracks, storm window frames, flexible conduit, AC cable, hoses, threaded rods and bolts, molding and wood dowels, can be cut efficiently by this hand tool with a minimum amount of burrs. 
  • Cuts round and square material, copper, aluminum and plastic tubing, even EMT, threaded rods, and extrusions 
  • CARRY IT ANYWHERE! The Swing-Saw handle can be folded and the hinged body latched for compact storage in a belt pouch. This rugged tool weighs less than two pounds and is always ready when you need it - especially handy on top of a ladder! 
  • Blades are easily replaced and each Swing-Saw includes two blades!

Main body and jaws made of hardened steel for long life. Hardened captive spring loaded retaining pins for easy blade changing. Die cast top housing. Weight: 29 Oz. (830 grams)  9-1/2" long (240mm)

Maximum vise opening:
Round material: 1-1/2 Dia. (38mm)
Square: 1.0" (25mm)
Rectangular: 3/4" x 1-1/2" (19 x 38mm)

Winner of 2nd Prize
at the International Inventors Exposition
in Geneva, Switzerland


B-109-18 Blade - 18 teeth per inch, recommended for thick wall tubing

B-109-24 Blade - 24 teeth per inch, recommended for thin wall tubing and metal hose

LS-105 Lubricant Stick

Use on all models of the Roto-Split & Roto-Flex and SW-130 to increase the life of your blades!

SW-130 Brochure

SW-130 Brochure

SW-130 Instructions

SW-130 Instructions