Strip-All SA-200L
Extended range for cables
from 3/8" to 7/8" diameter

SA-200L Large Strip-All

The STRIP-ALL is a compact labor saving tool ergonomically designed to make a cinch of stripping the jacket of many cables such as: plenum, computer & communication, line cord, Romex® / NM (flat or round), coax, Category 5 plus many more! Ring and straight cuts are easily accomplished on a multitude of cables from 3/8" to 7/8" O.D.  (Note: A-201 Adapter is not compatible with the SA-200L)  Very safe, easy to use, high quality tool. The STRIP-ALL will give you years of service and you'll be wondering how you ever got along without it!


Perfect to Strip All-In-One Cables

  • Strips plenum, computer & communication cables, line cords, Romex (flat or round), coax, twisted jacketed cables plus many more!
  • Calibrated micrometer dial for precise depth of cut adjustment
  •  Easy blade replacement & free spare blade cartridge included with each tool
  •  Straight and ring cut all jacketed cables up to 7/8"

Available Models

SA-200SK - Includes wire stripper, utility knife & A-201 Adapter

SA-200S - Includes wire stripper & A-201 Adapter

SA-200UR - Includes wire cutter, UR crimper & A-201 Adapter

SA-200L - Large model, strip cables up to 7/8" diameter


B-202 Blade

Replacement blade cartridge for the Strip-All.  Used with all models of the Strip-All, sold in packages of two

SA-200 Brochure

SA-200 Brochure

SA-200L Instructions

SA-200L Instructions