Cordless Tool with the
Amazing Ability to
Make Ring-Cuts on ROV Umbilical Cable

SA-200 Stripper for jacketed cables

The patent pending RSK-185 is a new battery powered tool that safely ring-cuts a multitude of armored cables, including those made of stainless steel. By using an abrasive wheel with a unique clamping system the RSK-185 can quickly remove hardened jackets that no other tool can!

The RSK-185 is powered by a battery operated grinder: simply rotate the Roto-Skinner 360° around a cable to make perfect ring-cuts on plastic & metal clad cables. Depth of cut can easily be set with a micrometer. When cutting jackets the depth of cut is incrementally increased after each turn around the cable until the correct depth of cut is precisely reached.

  • Cut cables that normally can not be cut with standard blades such as umbilical cables used on ROV vehicles (remotely operated underwater vehicles)
  • Toggle clamps makes it easy to fasten and remove the tool from cables
  • Uses 4-1/2 X .045” grinding wheels
  • Circular handle to guide tool around cable
  • Synchronized upper and lower limit stop for accurate wheel positioning and repeatability.
  • Concentric depth of cut adjustment for blade wear compensation.
  • Maximum depth of cut 3/8" or 9mm. 


  • RSK-185 Utilizes industrial cordless 18V grinder
  • Maximum depth of cut 3/8" (9mm)
  • Weight: 11.25lbs with battery
  • Lithium-ion Battery: 18V, 3 Ah.
  • B-156 Replacement Blade

Promote Safety!

The Roto-Skinner is ideal for use in damp locations because it is cordless. The cable guide holds part securely as you strip and the cutting wheel is fully enclosed. Plus there’s no line cord - you have total freedom of movement and portability.

Precision Depth of Cut!

A specially designed pre-set concentric stop, coupled with the abrasive wheel penetrating mechanism allows the operator to safely reach the proper depth of cut stop. The depth of cut is set with a gauge attached to the tool wheel platen and is specific to each cable’s depth of cut.


B-158 Blade
Replacement grinding wheel for

BP-155 Battery
18V Lithum-Ion battery

C-155 Charger
Charger for 18V Lithium-Ion batteries


TC-151 Standard tool case included with RSK-185


TC-152 Heavy-duty and watertight tool case


LIMITED WARRANTY:  The Roto-Skinner has a limited warranty against defects of material or workmanship for 90 days excluding the battery pack, charger and circular cutter.

RSK-185 Brochure

RSK-185 Brochure

RSK-185 Instructions

RSK-185 Instructions