RSK-125 and RSK-125BP Roto-Skinner
Choose between 18V or AC Power

Cable Preparation Tool
for Armored or Jacketed Cables
such as MC-HL, Okonite, Rockbestos, Armor-X, Teck90

SA-200 Stripper for jacketed cables

The Roto-Skinner RSK-125 is a top-notch compact power tool designed to take out the drudgery out of slitting cables.

Do you have power cables that are almost impossible to strip? The Roto-Skinner now makes the tedious job of stripping the armored jacket on these cables much easier. The Roto-Skinner is easy to adjust, safe to use, and can fit into difficult to reach locations. Skin & prepare cables the easy way. Save hours of labor when making cable connections!

The cable guide of the Roto-Skinner can be swung out of the way to cut panels up to 5/16" thick. The light weight of this tool 4 lbs. (1.9 Kg) makes it easy to handle in any position.

  • Skin long lengths of cables the easy way with power to spare!
  • Makes it a snap to strip steel or aluminum Type MC-HL with a continuously corrugated outer armor such as: Okonite CLX®, Rockbestos Gardex®, Southwire Armor-X® and Armor-Xtra®, General Cable’s Teck90, HVTeck and Vertiteck®, Nexans Coreflex® II, DriveRx®
  • Aluminum Interlocked Armor cables such as General Cable’s Duralox® or Mega MC™, Nexans FireX®, Energex®, AC90 and Securex ® II
  • Plastic jacketed power cables such as General Cable’s DuraSheath® or Southwire EFC Envirotect™ cable
  • Equipped with an adjustable cable guide, the Roto-Skinner accepts cables from 1" to 6" O.D. (25 to 150 mm)
  • Convenient and easy to set depth of cut adjustment with thumb screw and lock (No tools needed) Maximum depth of cut 5/16" or 8 mm.
  • Safe!  Spring loaded blade guard
  • RSK-125: 115 VAC, 2.8 Amps, 11" long, 4 lbs. 
  • RSK-125BP: 18V Lithium-Ion Battery  11" long, 5 lbs.

Note: not intended for use as a scrap recovery tool


RSK-125BP Roto-Skinner
18V Cordless Power!


B-153 Blade
Replacement blade for RSK-125 & RSK-125BP


BP-155 Battery
18V Lithum-Ion battery for RSK-125BP


C-155 Battery
Charger for 18V Lithium-Ion batteries


LIMITED WARRANTY:  The Roto-Skinner has a limited warranty against defects of material or workmanship for 90 days excluding the battery pack, charger and circular cutter.

RSK-125 Brochure

RSK-125 Brochure

RSK-125BP Brochure

RSK-125BP Brochure

RSK-125 & 125BP Instructions

RSK-125 & 125BP Instructions