The ROTOMATIC RM-202AA with automatic cable cutting drastically cuts labor time insuring clean, fast stripping without damaging the wire inside the cable. Never use a hacksaw again! Simply set the length to be stripped, insert the cable until it activates the sensor. The Rotomatic will then automatically make the cut, sending the clamping pin down which in turn drives the cable over the motorized cutting wheel, splitting the armor casing. To remove the armor just untwist the cable until the casing slips off! An adjustable stop permits varying the depth of cut for different cables. The RM-202AA's cutting action is driven by a large air cylinder providing fast and smooth operation.

  • Automatic cable cutting lets the operator repeat the same length every time, dramatically speeding up operations
  • Prevents operator fatigue with quick, one-handed operation
  • Ideal for making "Whips" & stripping MC/BX cable in precut lengths 
  • Eliminates deburring and nicking of wires
  • Equipped with a top quality gear-motor for extra-long life.
  • Adjustable cable clamping wheel with lateral adjustment for different cable pitches
  • Other features include fast circular cutter replacement and safety shield
  • For faster production, two RM-202AA's can be placed side by side, allowing the operator to strip two ends at the same time!
  • RM-202AA requires 40 psi air pressure. Each machine includes a pressure regulator, air gauge & large valve actuator.
  • Dimensions: 8"H x 7"W X 11"D, 24 lbs., 115 VAC.

The heavy-duty production Rotomatics are the culmination of years of experience in armored cable cutting technology and are used in the production lines of all major armored cable manufacturers.  Contact Seatek to determine the right model for your needs.

The front of the ROTOMATIC is protected by an unbreakable Lexan® shield. To insure safe operation the adjustable blade guard is integral to the cutting action and depth of cut setting on the RM-202AA. The clean cut parallel to the cable axis eliminates deburring of flexible conduit ends. This feature prevents damage to the wire's insulation caused by sloppy manual deburring. For best results we recommend the use of screw clamping and squeeze type connectors. (Check your local electrical code)


Cuts 3/8" trade size flex & strips BX & MC cables from AWG #14-2 to #8-4 (7/16" to 5/8" O.D.)
Cuts 1/2" trade size with SP-203 pin

Special model to cut 3/8" to 3/4" Flex
 & strips BX & MC cables from
AWG #14-2 to #2-4 (7/16" to 1" O.D.)


Cuts 3/8" to 1/2" trade size flex & strips
BX & MC cables from AWG #14-4 to #4-4
(7/16" to 7/8" O.D.)

Special model to cuts 3/4" to 1-1/4" Flex
& strips BX & MC cables from
AWG #4-4 to #1-4 (7/16" to 1" O.D.)

Available Models

  • RM-202A, B & C require 40 psi air pressure, includes a pressure regulator & air gauge
  • RM-202A cuts 3/8" Flex and 1/2" Flex with pin SP-233
  • RM-202M cuts both 3/8" & 1/2 Flex with pin LP-269. Uses a manually actuated lever to clamp & cut
  • RM-202B cuts 3/4" Flex with pin SP-218, 1/2" Flex with SP-233, and 3/8" Flex with pin LP-269
  • RM-202C cuts 1-1/4" Flex with SP-233, cuts 3/4" &1" Flex with SP-282


B-108 Blade
Specially designed blade for use on all models of the Rotomatic

RM-202AA Brochure

RM-202AA Brochure

RM-202AA Instructions

RM-202AA Instructions