Roto-Split RS-101B
Auto Clamping MC Cable Armor Stripper

RS-101B Roto-Split with exclusive auto clamping feature.  Just squeeze the bottom lever & any cable is secured, no adjustment is required!

RS-101B Roto-Split with exclusive auto clamping feature.  Just squeeze the bottom lever & any cable is secured, no adjustment is required!

Seatek has introduced a new model in the Roto-Split line equipped with an exclusive auto clamping feature. This MC cutter has a clever clamping system which automatically adjusts to the cable size.  Just squeeze the clamping lever & any cable from 14-2 to 10-4 or 3/8" Flex is secured, no adjustment or thumb screws to set! This new patent pending system prevents applying too much force to aluminum casing.  Blade penetration is set at the factory to prevent nicking of wires in standard size MC cable.


A few turns of the crank makes a clean slit through armored casing. This takes only a few seconds, simply untwist to strip! Cutting is safe & does not damage wires due to the unique built-in depth of cut stop. TheRoto-Split also spells the end to nicked fingers & cut knees. The open channel construction pioneered by Seatek allows cutting in the middle of a roll. Simplicity at its best!

Just position any size cable in the channel, squeeze and turn the blade handle...That's it, no thumbscrew adjustments required. Best of all the cable pops out as soon as a cut is completed.

Demonstration of the Roto-Split RS-101 cutting MC cable

  • RS-101B allows you to safely cut any type of armored cable by automatically adjusting to the cable diameter.
  • Make cuts in tight quarters! Simply ratchet the handle back & forth when you're in a tight spot.
  • Quickly change the blade with an adjustable wrench thanks to an accessible, easy to remove hex nut.
  • Self-tightening blade system and ergonomic crank handle with offset for maximum hand clearance.
  • Storage cartridge in knob with room for 6 blades.
  • Handsome die cast epoxy enameled body. Overall a tool oozing with quality and smart engineering.



B-102 Blade

Blue Sapphire universal standard replacement blade for all models of the Roto-Split & Roto-Flex


B-107 Blade

Offset teeth prevent clogging when cutting aluminum.  Use on all models of the Roto-Split & Roto-Flex.


101-106 Retrofit Kit
for Roto-Split


101-107 Power Conversion Kit
Motorize your Roto Split or Flex!


LS-105 Lubricant Stick

Use on all models of the Roto-Split & Roto-Flex to increase the life of your blades!


Ergonomic Handle

Curved ergonomic handle with blade storage cartridge in knob



Guaranty: The ROTO-SPLIT® has a lifetime guaranty against defects. Any parts (except the circular cutter) will be repaired or replaced free; you pay only the one way shipping charge.

RS-101B Brochure

RS-101B Brochure

RS-101B Instructions

RS-101B Instructions