The “Roto-Drive” 505A
Automatic Cable Measuring System
Motorizes Cut to Length Operations

SA-200 Stripper for jacketed cables

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custom built, made to order factory direct system

This unique cable measuring unit accepts cable up to 7/8" O.D.
Shown here with the PT-501X Pay-Off Table and the GC-575 Guillotine

The operation of the Roto-Drive is extremely simple. A push button in front of the machine lifts the upper roller to allow the introduction of the cable. A trim cut is made when used in conjunction with a cut-off unit and the electronic counter is set to the length (and number of pieces wanted with the RD-505A). The ‘start’ push button or foot switch is depressed and “presto” the Roto-Drive dispenses and feeds the cable to a cut-off unit at 24" per second. The cycle repeats until the number of pieces wanted is reached. (RD-505A)

A prescaler adjustment allows the counter to be calibrated to the exact measured cable length. Because of this feature, the Roto-Drive dispenses the exact amount of cable wanted eliminating costly rejects and rework. Accessories are available such as motorized pay-off with dancer for heavy coils or when cut to length dimensions tolerances exceed normal specifications.


  • The Roto-Drive RD-505A was designed to be maintenance free; ball bearings or self-lubricated bronze bushings are used throughout.
  • The driving rollers are air cushioned-pressurized and are covered with a polyurethane compound for toughness and long life. The upper and lower rollers are both driving rollers to eliminate slippage and are synchronized with a unique “lubrication free” timing belt system.
  • The Roto-Drive uses a sophisticated solid state drive and control system. It also features an electronic counter with large LCD. display for setting the length of the cable, which can be adjusted from 6" to 99999.9" in increments of .100". The batch counter stops the machine automatically when the preset number of pieces is reached; a totalizer is built in the counter.
  • The highest quality components have been selected to provide trouble free operation in excess of 5 million cycles.
  • No lubrication is required except for the pneumatic air supply. Controls are provided to synchronize the Roto-Drive with accessories.
  • The Roto-Drive dimensions are 8"W x 15 1/2"H x 24" and at 95 lbs. this unit is easily movable. Power required is 220 V.A.C. single phase, 4 amps. Capacity: 7/8" max. Measured accuracy: within 1% for jacketed cables.
  • +- 1% for Greenfield and armored cables. (when convolution play is 1/2" per ft., max.) We recommend the use of a motorized pay-off unit with dancer when heavy reels are used or when cut to length tolerances are beyond normal specifications.        

Photo gallery of current & past models of the RD-505 System


The unit is similar to the RD-505A but is equipped with a guillotine shear, Cat. #GS-507, for flat ribbon cables with a capacity of 1/4 to 3-1/2" wide or wires up to #8 gauge. The RD-505A-X has front loading and adjustable guides. Minimum cut length is 2". All other technical data is the same as the RD-505A. A de-reeler for flat ribbon cable Cat. # PS-508 can be furnished for the unit above. 


The RD-505 is a low cost semi-automatic unit and has only one speed of 12" per second. The electronic counter does not have a batch counter nor a totalizer Only the lower roller is driven. Accuracy: +-1% for jacketed cables, +- 2% for Greenfield and armored cables. (when convolution play is 1/2" per ft., max.) Power needed is 115 V.A.C. single phase 8 amps. Total weight is 80 lbs. All other data applies.            


  • PT-501 Pay-Off Table is used in conjunction with the RD-5O5 and accepts any standard 250 ft. coil of cable. Capacity is 150 lbs. max. Dim. are 24" x 24" x 12" high. Standard hat section dia. 8" (coil core dia.) Other sizes are available. 
  • PT-501X is used with the RD-505A. This unit has an integral brake, synchronized with the drive unit. Any type of standard 250 ft. cable coils can be placed on this pay-off table. Capacity is 150 lbs. max. Dim. are 24" x 24" x 12" high. Different hat sections (coil core dimension) can be provided as well as a centering hub for cable coiled on a reel.
  • RB-502 is a receiving bin constructed of heavy steel. Dim. are 30" x 30" x 30H on casters, 500 lbs. capacity.
  • PT-525 is a heavy duty pay-off table using a steel machine base with thrust ball bearings and air actuated brake. Capacity 500 lbs. This unit is custom built. Call for details.
  • JC-530 is a Jib Crane equipped with an electric hoist to lift and load the cable coils on the pay-off table. This device eliminates manual lifting of the coils and promotes safety.
  • TT-535 is a heavy-duty turntable designed to receive a pallet of cable coils. This unit can be used in conjunction with Jib-Crane JC-530.
  • MD-540 is a vertical manual or motorized reeler-dereeler.
  • PD-545 is a variable speed dereeler with dancer to teed cable smoothly into Roto-Drive. Call for specifications.
  • AV-525 is an automated cable cut-on saw, air actuated, which can be used alone with a foot switch or hooked up with our Roto-Drives for fully automatic or semi-automatic operation.
RD-505 Brochure

RD-505 Brochure