MM-175 Mighty-Miter

SA-200L Large Strip-All

Reciprocating Saw Accessory
Cuts Virtually Anything
Perfectly Square!

  • This labor saving accessory makes it a snap to cut at a right angle almost any material:  round, square, or rectangular tubing, wood or plastic molding, angle bar, EMT, Unistrut®, threaded rods, etc.
  • The Mighty-Miter can be attached to many different Milwaukee® or DeWalt reciprocating saws.  Just select the proper model for your brand - no modification required. 
  • The unique clamping system can be quickly adjusted to accept all different sizes of material from 3/16” to 2”. 
  • The clamping bar is designed with a chamfer at the tip to permit the clamping of very small rods.  A portion of the clamping bar is grooved to prevent round material from slipping.
  • The Mighty-Miter can be easily removed.  This permits the reciprocating saw to be used as a conventional saw by simply reinstalling the standard shoe. 
  • Easily cut long lengths of material right on the ground!  Simply clamp the material in the vee, start the saw and apply downward pressure.  The clamping assembly is designed to automatically swing upward which provides an easy way to cut heavy or large size material in place. 
  •  With a simple turn of a thumb screw material is clamped in the vise & swung upwards to make a perfectly square cut. 
  • Angle cuts can be made on the ends of some flat material up to ½" thick by simply using the clamping system to secure it at an angle.

Models Available

MM-175RS         Mighty-Miter for Milwaukee Sawzall
MM-175SS         Mighty-Miter for Milwaukee Super-Sawzall
MM-175OR        Mighty-Miter for Milwaukee Orbital Sawzall
MM-175BP         Mighty-Miter for Milwaukee 18V Cordless Sawzall
MM-175BPD         Mighty-Miter for DeWalt 18V DC-285 Cordless
MM-175DW         Mighty-Miter for DeWalt® DW-307 & DW-309
MM-175DWK         Mighty-Miter Kit: includes DeWalt® DW-303 & MM-175
MM-175BH         Mighty-Miter for Bosch RS10, RS15 & RS20

MM-175 Brochure

MM-175 Brochure