FT-210 Fish Tape Puller

SA-200 Stripper for jacketed cables

Why Struggle? Instead use this hinged cam action tool

"The more you pull the more it grabs"

Quickly and securely clamping a fish tape by its cam action hinge, this tool provides two-handled pulling leverage of a fish tape. It also safely holds the tape regardless of the pulling force, prevents, kinks in the tape and eliminates using pliers that can slip off the tape causing possible injury to the installer. Made of hardened steel casting, it is 11" long.

Two-handed action for twice the pulling force!

  • Stop putting kinks in your fish-tape or grazing your face with your pliers.

  • Two handed action for twice the pulling force. The more you pull the more it grabs!
  • Put your hands on this quality labor saving device and you’ll never let go! (You‘ll have more time to go fishing somewhere else!)
  • Precision hardened steel casting, 100% made in America
  • A must for your tool box! Ask your distributor for the "HINGENIOUS" Fish Tape Puller.
FT-210 Brochure

FT-210 Brochure

SA-200 Instructions

SA-200 Instructions