CT-255 Roto-Spin
Ring-Cut Master

SA-200 Stripper for jacketed cables

Diamond Tipped Wheel Cuts Through
The Toughest Jacketed Cables!

The CT-255 Ring-Cut Master was designed to strip the most difficult cables that utility knives or standard blades can not tackle. The AC power CT-255 can rotary cut external high strength solid steel wire armor of electro-mechanical cables (EM cables) or fiber-optic cables thanks to its diamond abrasive blade. These cables are used in harsh environments such as offshore drilling platforms, submersible equipment, military applications, etc. and are usually very labor intensive to install.

The Ring-Cut Master is powered by a rotary tool with fully adjustable depth of cut and cam action blade plunging. A cable stop graduated in millimeters and inches sets cable length. A bench mount tool holder and foot switch are also included for easy operation.

Cable is stripped in a few simple steps. Push the cable against the stop (cable stop is also removable). Turn plunge cut cam to lower the blade to the desired depth of cut. Rotate the CT-255 one full turn to cleanly cut though the cable jacket and shielding. Usually the cable jacket can be easily pulled off or if required use the Seatek SA-200 Strip-All or CT-250 Roto-Spin to strip the core and conductors.

"Revolutionary Design"

  • Ring cut with precision from .16" to .625" Diameter (4mm to 15mm)
  • Thumb screw adjustable depth of cut
  • Cam actuated plunge feature gently lowers the blade to begin cutting
  • Efficiently rotary cut cables and hoses protected with solid or braided shields, even stainless steel!
  • Adjustable stop with scale in inches & mm to strip cables the same length every time
  • Utilizes 110 V.A.C motorized rotary tool with flexible shaft and bench mount tool holder
  • Two position quick cable clamping vee to switch between large and small cables
  • Easy replacement of the diamond abrasive blade B-205

B-205 Blade

Diamond Abrasive Blade for CT-255

CT-255 Brochure

CT-255 Brochure

CT-255 Instructions

CT-255 Instructions