CT-250 Roto-Spin

Perfect to Strip Fiber-Optic,
Category 5, Datacomm
Virtually any Jacketed Cable!

SA-200L Large Strip-All

Simplifies and Speeds Stripping
of Round Cable Jackets

The Roto-Spin is a new tool which features unique characteristics to strip the jacket of electric or communication cables and to facilitate and speed up cable preparation for electrical or fiber optic connections.

The Roto-Spin features a sliding cable stop which can be set and locked to a specific length. The cable stop can also be removed to strip long lengths.

Blade cutting depth is set by a rotating cam. Each notch on the cam has a different height that precisely sets blade penetration. The notched cam can also be turned over for more depth of cut settings. In addition the Roto-Spin has a double vee grooved cable guide that can be rotated 180 degrees for large and small cables.

Stripping cable with the Roto-Spin is extremely simple and quick. Press down to open the vee cable guide and insert the cable all the way to the stop. Hold the cable in one hand and rotate the tool a couple of times and pull out. The jacket can be easily peeled off since it was ring cut and slit lengthwise. The blade is able to rotate on itself thanks to a friction free precision ball bearing.

"Revolutionary Design"

  • Ring & straight cut with precision in one easy motion from .16"  to .60" Diameter  (4mm-15mm)
  • Universal tool with an innovative rotating cam makes setting the depth of cut foolproof to set the depth of cut
  • Rotating cam has 16 settings from 0.010" to 0.120" in increments of 0.005" and 0.010".  Metric cam is also available
  • Clever adjustable stop with scale in inches & mm to strip cables the same length every time
  • Precision aerospace miniature ball bearing easily swivels the blade between ring & straight cuts
  • Two position quick cable clamping vee for large and small cables
  • Easy blade replacement (Cat. B-252) with blade storage provided in the cable stop
  • Weight 3oz. (30 Grams) Length 6" (15cm)

B-252 Blade
Roto-Spin replacement blade, s
old in packages of two

SA-200 Brochure

SA-200 Brochure

SA-200L Instructions

SA-200L Instructions