To get the most out of your tools
purchase genuine made in USA Seatek replacement parts

101-106 Retrofit Kit
Lost the thumbscrew on your Rot-Split?  This kit contains the basic hardware for your Roto-Split and Roto-Flex

101-107 Power Conversion Kit
This kit motorizes any Roto-Split and Roto-Flex. Consists of B-108 Blade, Shaft, Screw, Washers, Hex Nut & Hex Wrench.

LS-105 Lubricant Stick
Use on all models of the Roto-Split & Roto-Flex to increase the life of your blades!


A-201 Adapter/Reducer
Adapter to strip & ring cut smaller cables from 1/8" to 5/16" Dia. For use on the Strip-All SA-200

RS-101A Ergonomic Handle
Curved ergonomic handle with blade storage cartridge in knob.  Use on all models of the Rot-Split or Roto-Flex. 

SV-151 Adapter for Roto-Skinner
Allows the RSK-145RC Roto-Skinner to make ring cuts from 1/2" to 1.00" O.D.  Attaches to RSK-145RC with 2 removable thumb screws.


A-271 Adapter for Vee-Twin!
Enables you to recover scrap material quickly and easily.  Attach the A-271 to the Vee-Twin and clamp it in a vise. Pull the cable through the Vee-Twin to remove long lengths of cable jackets.


Displays for Authorized Seatek Distributors


RS-101A Demo Unit Pictured

Free demo unit with counter display & brochure available with the tool of your choice when you place an order.


PB-401 Pegboard Display

A great way for distributors to sell Seatek Products! Counter display includes 9 most popular labor saving hand tools & 8 accessories. Pegboard is free. Set of tools is at lowest price. Buy one and increase your Seatek sales!